Managed Print.

Do you have control of your print activities?

Chances are you don’t! Did you know that by taking control you can reduce print costs up to 30%?* Understanding the total cost of printing in your organization is the first step in taking control. Our highly trained experts will introduce you to managed print service, and show you how to gain visibility and take control of your spending. This will free up budget for projects that will improve efficiency and allow you to take a stronger, leaner approach in today’s cost conscience economy.

What is managed print service?

Managed print service (MPS) is a centralized system that helps companies manage their printing devices which include printers, copiers, multifunction devices and fax machines. By collecting the data these devices provide, Encon will analyze and present the information in a clear and unified manner showing you how MPS helps reduce costs, improves efficiency and avoids costly down time in your organization.

We used Encon to service our aging printers and were provided with excellent service. We eventually decided to look into a managed service. We turned to Encon to introduce us to this type of service. Rochelle worked closely with us and provided us with many options to fit our growing company’s needs. We’re saving on average at least $300 a month by using the managed service versus paying for toner out of pocket.


By partnering with companies such as Zebra, HP and Xerox, Encon offers a wide range of leading-edge imaging and printing devices, management software, supplies and document workflow solutions. You can achieve a cost-effective, secure and highly flexible environment!

When you partner with Encon our specialists will look at your situation and develop a program that best suits your needs. Your print situation is tailored to you, we don’t use cookie cutters.

Encon has four basic programs:

  1. All-Inclusive
  2. Cost Per Page
  3. Free Labor with Toner Purchase
  4. Time & Material

Even if you aren’t ready to purchase new equipment at this time, a program can be built around your existing fleet. Replace equipment when you need to replace it, but start saving money now! And, if you have branches located nationwide, your pricing is static, regardless of the location.

Print Environment Study

When you schedule a print environment study, Encon will evaluate the data to deliver a customized solution that best fits your needs. The study is a no-charge service that Encon provides. To get started on reducing your costs, call us at 972.226.3400.

* Based on Gartner analysis from August 21, 2009